What is a Cable Car?

The cable cars that we manufacture consist of a car or cabin that is pulled by a wire cable along a ground based inclined rail. These machines are also called, inclined lifts, inclined elevators, inclinators or hillside elevators. Please note: we do not manufacture ski lift or gondola lift type products that hang from an overhead cable that is supported by towers. All our systems run on ground based rails.

How safe are they?

Product safety is our primary objective. All new Access Automation cable cars are supplied standard with the following safety features;

  • Automatic over-speed activated brake.
  • Automatic low cable tension activated brake.
  • Fail-safe in car stop and start controls.
  • Smooth starting and stopping.
  • Based on 20 years industry experience and testing without a single serious accident.

Engineering safety for cable cars is not the full story. Owners must also take responsibility and follow safe operating instructions and keep their cable cars maintained. Owning a cable car is similar to owning a motor vehicle – they are both very safe if used in a responsible manner.

How environmentally friendly are our Cable Cars?

All our cable cars use high efficiency environmentally clean electric motors. Operating a typical residential cable car uses less energy per year than a fridge. We also use the latest design software to minimize car weight, without compromising our high standards of product safety and strength.

We are also passionate about minimizing the visual impact of our hillside access systems. We offer clean- line monorails that are installed just above the ground and vegetation. The monorails can be coloured to blend into the natural landscape. Where necessary, soft curves can be introduced into the rail line to allow the car to miss trees or prevent the need for site disturbance. When compared to a steep driveway or even a flight of stairs, a cable car system will often involve less damage to vegetation / trees, less excavation of the site, less visual impact, less energy consumption in manufacture but still provide effortless access to your home. With smart technology, it is possible to have convenience and care for the environment.

What speed do they travel?

Typically our cable cars travel at the following speeds;

  • Monorail cable cars: 0.3 – 0.75 m/s
  • Dual rail cable cars: up to 1.5m/s
  • Commercial cable cars; up to 2.5 m/s

Please Contact Us for any detailed enquiries.

How much load can they carry?

Typically our cable cars carry the following loads;

  • Monorail cable cars can carry between 200 and 400 kg (2 or 4 people).
  • Dual rail cable cars can carry slightly more at 500kg or 5 people.
  • Commercial Installations can be designed to carry the load that you require.

Please Contact Us for any detailed enquiries

How much space is required?

Please download our Cable Car Clearance drawings for details on clearance corridors and important deck clearances to meet the NZ Cable Car standard NZS 5270.
- Monorail cable car – 2 person pdf
- Monorail cable car – 4 person pdf
- Dual rail cable car pdf

Do they require any council consents?

In New Zealand, a cable car will require a Building Consent and may also require a Resource Consent and or an Encroachment. Access Automation Limited can assist with the consent process.

Can I share a cable car with neighbours?

Yes, this is a great way to get the convenience of a cable car and to share the cost. We have many examples of shared cable cars.

How much noise do they make?

Typically our cable cars are very quiet and make no more noise that a person walking. The car runs quietly on urethane wheels and the electric motor in the winch makes a soft hum sound.

What is the time frame from sign up until commissioning (handover)?

Depending on our current commitments and forward orders, an installation will take approximately 10 weeks once the Building consents are issued. This is based on the site being ready for us to come in.

I am keen, what is the process from here?

The best thing to do from here is to Contact Us and arrange a time to meet

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