Cable Cars for the Disabled / Elderly

Gain independence and glide over steps and steep paths with an Access Automation cable car.

Having limited mobility or being restricted to a wheelchair need not force you to "move to the flat" or lose the views you love. Whether it is a disability or simply that your legs aren't as young as they used to be, we can provide you with the access solution to solve the daunting task of climbing stairs or steep paths.


Custom Built Wheelchair Cars
These cars are equipped with door ramps and larger floor areas to facilitate easy wheel chair access. To further aid independent use of the cable car, automatic landing gates can be installed. With such features you can gain independent access to hillside properties.

Material Fibreglass
Load 200 to 400 kg
Top enclosure Optional PVC soft-top
Car dimensions ~1,350mm wide x ~1,100 long x 1,200mm high walls
Runway width Download (PDF)


We can apply any of the above features to our Monorail Cable Cars, our Dual Rail Cable Cars or our Commercial Inclined Elevators.

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Residential Monorail

If you have the inclination we have the solution.

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